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Litigation & Dispute Resolutions:

We represent our clients through a team of authorized attorneys, in most areas including:


  • Commercial disputes.

  • Customs disputes.

  • Administrative disputes (vs government agencies).

  • Labor and social insurance disputes.

  • Intellectual and private property disputes.   

We also provide representation in alternative dispute resolutions.

Legal consultancies & studies:

We provide legal consultancy in all commercial and most of the other areas including:

  • Employment

  • Suppliers and contractors

  • Clients & costumers

  • Competitors

  • Contracts & agreements


We also provide legal studies including:

  • Drafting laws, bylaws, and regulations

  • Privatization & Automation

  • Structuring and restructuring of legal departments

Corporate & registration:

This section includes registration of all types of companies, articles of association, trade names and marks, and patents.

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